Parking Rules

See our Rules & Regulations (click here) to familiarize yourself with all of our parking rules.  Below are two of the most often used:

Overnight parking on the street:

All residents should be aware that we are strictly enforcing the “no overnight parking on the street” rule by fine and/or towing (overnight is defined as after midnight and before 7 a.m.) if we are made aware of a violation.  If you see this happening, inform the Board.  If you can take a digital photo of the vehicle with the license plate readable, and email it to the Board, then we will tag the vehicle as a warning.  The next violation would result in immediate towing.

Parking in off-road “guest” parking spaces:

There are a total of 11 off-road “guest” parking spaces in Fox Glen for 53 homes.  The rules regarding guest parking are appropriate but are very difficult and time-consuming to enforce.  We don’t keep records of each resident’s license plates so it’s hard to distinguish resident’s vehicles from guest’s vehicles.

However, if there is a particularly aggravating situation, please make the Board aware of it via email to and we’ll do what we can.

The Board believes that enforcing the Master Deed requirement that “The units are for single-family residential purposes only” is a key way to help control use of the off-road “guest” parking spaces.

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