Modification Requests

When should I submit a Modification Request?

If you are contemplating making any modification to your house that will alter the external appearance in any way (including color), or if you would like to make any change to a common element (including the land), you must submit a modification request and have it approved by the Association before you can start the work.  Not doing so is a violation of our bylaws and will incur a fine.

If it is unclear to you whether a modification request is needed, it is your responsibility to ask.  The safest course of action is to submit a modification request.

Some examples of work for which you would need an approved modification request are: a new roof, a backup generator, new color for front door, alterations to your deck, new porch railing, addition to driveway or walkway, installation of a handicap ramp, addition of a storm door, creation of a border around your unit, altering the size or shape of the current border around your home, moving any irrigation lines or heads, etc.

(Note:  Co-owners should be aware that if they make an unapproved modification, the Association has the authority to compel them to reverse the modification.  If they refuse, Michigan state law gives the Association the authority to reverse the modification and assess the co-owner for the cost of doing so.)

How to submit a Modification Request

Print out the modification request form below, fill it out completely, and mail, hand-deliver or scan/email it to our property management company.  They will email it to each member of the Board for review before the next Board meeting.  Please DO NOT deliver a hardcopy to a Board member, as this puts the onus on that Board member to make 5 additional copies and figure out how to deliver them to the other Board members and the property management company.

Please plan ahead!  Submit modification requests at least one week prior to a Board meeting so the Board members have a chance to review your request.  Check the FGA Calendar of Events for the Board meeting schedule.  Please respect the time of the Board members, as we are all volunteers!  We are just as busy as you are and it’s inconsiderate to ask us to do extra work to expedite your request.  To be fair to everyone, if work begins without an approved modification request, a violation fine will be assessed per our By-Laws.

Click here to download Modification Request Form

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