Important Information About Leasing:

Non-resident co-owners who lease their unit should note that Fox Glen Association is enforcing its Rules & Regulations, Bylaws and Michigan condo law.  A Co-owner desiring to rent or lease a Unit, must disclose that fact in writing to the Association at least ten (10) days before presenting a lease form to a potential tenant of that Unit and, at the same time, must supply the Association with a copy of the exact (blank) lease form for its review for compliance with the Condominium Documents.

The Association will send the proposed blank lease form to our attorney for review and will inform the co-owner of any changes required.  The Co-owner should download the Addendum to Lease (form below), and complete, sign, date, and return it, along with the executed (signed) lease, within 20 days of being signed, per our Rules & Regulations (which have been mailed to all co-owners and are available on this website or by contacting our management company).  Failure to comply with each of these requirements will result in a fine to the co-owner.  Units may be leased only for single family residential purposes, with “family” as defined in the Pittsfield Township zoning ordinance.

Note: As of January 1, 2016 there is a $200 processing fee to the co-owner for each lease, payable at the time of supplying the Association with the copy of the exact lease form mentioned above.

Click here to download Addendum to Lease form (rev May 2016)

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